Welcome to the Kehres Domain

The Kehres.com site was started by Tim and Kathleen Kehres in 2007. This was originally a simple static HTML site with a few links to other domain resources (web mail, mailing lists, galleries and personal websites).

The site is in the process of being upgraded. We now run WordPress with a 100% responsive theme (should work on all devices including smartphones). The initial look and feel was designed to be simple and work across all devices. It is not the most exciting site to view but we're hoping to add to this over the coming months.

While the initial site was designed by the Kehres family in Hong Kong we are happy to add content and links to other Kehres family members regardless of where you are located. Just leave a reply below or send a message to Connie if you have stuff to add here.

The current site contains mostly static information but it does not have to be this way. We can upgrade this to a more social environment if there is interest. Things are simple at the moment but we are happy to add additional content or functionality as needed.

Mailing Lists

A mailing list server is available for group discussions. There is only one list (humor) setup at the moment but we can add as many as needed. Just let us know should you have ideas for additional lists. Lists can be either open to the public (as the humor list is) or closed depending on the group needs.

Terms of Use

This is a family site and we try to keep the rules for use as simple as possible. Basically no commercial activities (including spam) are allowed on the site (or mailing lists). We expect to keep things friendly so no hate speech, illegal activities or similar are tolerated. Pretty much the standard stuff.

Anyway do let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions!